5 Reasons Why Dog Daycare Centers are a Good Idea

If your dog has never been away from home the idea of sending her off to a dog daycare facility may not be an appealing one. In fact, you may prefer to leave her at home all by herself while you are away at work. What you may not realize is that although your pet may look like she doesn’t mind she doesn’t really thrive when she has to spend so much time by herself; before you dismiss dog daycare centers you should think of the following important benefits:

  • Constant companionship

There is a reason why dogs are called man’s best friend – they would rather spend time with people than by themselves. In a dog daycare facility with experienced carers your dog will get to interact with people until she is ready to lay down for a nap. Human interaction makes for much healthier and happier pets.

  • Socialization with other pets

In a dog daycare center your pet will get to meet other animals and she can play and socialize until she drops. Dogs are social animals by nature and they make friends with other dogs when they are exposed to them on a regular basis. Would you rather have a lonely pet, or one who gets to meet and play with her friends at the dog daycare center a few times a week?

  • Your dog will live a fit and healthy life

One of the most important benefits of doggie daycare is that your dog gets enough exercise every time she goes there. Most dog daycare centers have activities scheduled for most of the day – animals will be left to play in the yard, they will be taken to the local dog park, they will play games with their minders and they will even learn new skills in the process. If your dog gets plenty of exercise she is able to sleep better at night and she enjoys better health.

  • You can pay for additional training

Your dog may not be as well trained as you would like, and you may not have time to get her through the process yourself. A good dog daycare facility is in contact with trainers, and for an additional fee you can get one to come in and work with your pet until she is able to obey commands.

  • You don’t have to worry

Let’s face it – when you leave your dog at home the best you can hope for is that she is safe while you are away. You never know what she will get up to and whether she will get in trouble or not. Some home owners install cameras so they can monitor their pets when they are away but this doesn’t provide total peace of mind. If you don’t want to worry about your pet when you aren’t at home how about checking her into a dog daycare center? She will be watched until you can come for her after work.

Lastly, most dog day care centers are affordable – they charge a few dollars a day for your pet to get all the care that she needs, and you are able to focus on your work.