5 Top Quality Dog Food Brands In The UK

If you’re a dog owner, you already know how much effort it takes for you to ensure that your four-legged buddy is groomed properly – not to mention all the brushes, pet clippers and shampoos you need to purchase to keep them in tip-top condition!

Nonetheless, grooming is not the only thing that’s essential when it comes to keeping your doggo in good shape; it’s equally important for you to feed them with nutritious food.

Well, speaking of dog food, ask any pet owner and they’ll give off some of the most well-known food brands. But what they do not know is, there are several less-known incredibly amazing food products made for dogs. Mind you, each one of them is filled with nutritious, healthy ingredients that help you fuel up your furry buddy’s health, thereby keeping them in fine fettle!

In this article, we’ve covered 5 of the best and high-quality dog food brands in the UK, which you must certainly try out for your pooch!

Chudleys Puppy and Junior Dog Food – For Working Pooch

Having gained an experience worth of 40 years, Chudleys incorporate a blend of present-day research and latest manufacturing techniques in order to mass produce dog food that is rich good quality minerals and proteins.

This food brand makes use of a unique combination of antioxidants in their products, meaning no preservatives, artificial colours and flavourings are incorporate in it. Chudley’s Puppy and Junior dog food is not just free from gluten and wheat, but also comes with probiotics that help in your gut development of your pooch.

This is one of the best and healthiest options when it comes to selecting the right food brand for dog, as it offers them with an incredible beginning to canine life!

Wafcol Light – For Dogs Who Follow A Dainty Diet

Produced with the help of experienced dermatologists and pets, Wafcol Light is the gentle and hypoallergenic choice, especially for pooches with a sensitive stomach. Appropriate for every dog breed, it doesn’t have any high-risk allergens or cereals, like corn and wheat.

The ‘Ultimate Health Formula’ of Wafcol is like a secret ingredient in their skin and digestion care, which helps in treating any sort of allergic reactions, mainly inclusive of colitis and eczema.

Since the food product of Wafcol Light has 50% less calories and fat as compared to the regular ones, and is a high-card, palatable dog food, it assists in preventing your pooch from being hungry all the time!

Arden Grange Lamb and Rice – For Dogs Who Are Intolerant To Chicken Protein

A combination of super-premium ingredients, Arden Grange Lamb and Rice is a healthy dog food alternative, perfect for canines that are intolerant to chicken protein – besides, lamb is a meat that is easy to digest!

Arden Grange only makes use of ethically sourced and nutritionally valuable ingredients in their dog food, which compliments towards the wellbeing canines. In simple words, their superior feed doesn’t contains any bits of that and that.

In our opinion, it is an amazing option among dog food brands, as it comes with an additional bonus of economical daily feeding expenses.

Orijen (Adult) Six Fish – For Dogs On High-Protein Diet

Fish ahoy!! This dog food is packed with an immense amount of raw, dried and fresh fish, along with mackerel, hake and pacific pilchard in a ultra-rich kibble weighs a whopping 38% high-rich protein. This food also has an additional infusion of cod liver oil to not just improve its flavour, but also to give your four-legged buddy that much-needed biologically-suitable and nourishing fish diet.

Mind you, your dog will absolutely love this lip-smacking food and you’ll be able to see the end result in their fresher breath and shiny fur!

Alpha Gold Moist Muesli – For Dogs On A Balanced Diet

A brand well known for offering an amazing range of high-quality dog food, Alpha produces meals with muesli that’s rich in glucose. This food helps you increase the energy of your dog and ticks off all those boxes of health and fitness.

Only super-premium components are used in the food, inclusive of one of the highest grade meat. The mixture of carrots, biscuits and peas are cooked and glazed in such a way that provide your dog with a crunchy yet moist appetiser. This is a completely balanced diet that comes with 20% protein and eggs on a sturdy appetite in your furry buddy.

Based on the health condition of your dog, choose a food brand that you think will best suit them!