How to Maintain A Healthy Dog Weight?

Pets are a true blessing in the house. Many people love to keep the company of pets as they help them in forgettingtheir worries and tensions. The most popular pets are dogs. You can find many breeds and species of dogs worldwide. Some digs are considered to be quite and gentle while some are ferocious and aggressive.

It is always preferred to take a puppy while adopting a one for your family. Puppies are quite easy to train and can be mould according to your lifestyle easily.Dogs need to be taken care of very diligently. You have to monitor their hygiene and weight on a regular basis. You cannot avoid their health at any point of time as they have a very sensitive immune system.

Similarly you cannot feed anything to your dog. They should be given a high quality dog food. Make sure their food is filled with proteins and fibres. There are many species of dogs that are meant to be bulky and huge in size. They also tend to have a high weight. It is essential to pay a special attention to their increasing weight. According to the best vet doctors, overweigh dogs tend to have a shorter span of life as compared to the leaner dogs.

  • What should be a healthy weight for your dog is the question asked by most of the pet owners. Well, an experienced vet will be the best person to answer this question. But we can help you with important tips that canhelp you inmaintaining a good body weight of your dog all through the year.Keep reading on!

Practicecontrolledfeeding – It is advisable to practice controlled feeding. You must provide your pet with healthy treats and avoid any food which is easy on their weight. It is very easy for the dogs to put on weight but is equally difficult to reduce this excess weight. You can attain a healthy weight by controlling their food intake. You can fill their meals with more proteins and minerals but overfeeding can aggravate the issue.

SkiptheTableScraps – It is beneficial to avoid any table scraps for your dog. Table scraps can do more harm than benefit to your dog. This will also make it difficult for you to calculate the total food intake done by your dog in a single day.

Adjust Seasonally – if you wish to maintain a good dog weight throughout the year, make sure you Pet Dog Healthy food according to the season. Giving any food which is inappropriate as per the season can cause his harm. You can feed him bit more during summers as the dog stays very active during these times. And you can have a tight diet plan during winters as the dog moment is low and so is the overall calorie burning process.

 You should also take a regular weight of your dog on weekly basis or as suggested by the vet. By doing this, you can be able to check the status of your current diet plan.